Star Wars Episode IX Theories


Photo Credit to Star Wars

Supreme Leader Snoke in Episode VIII

Nicholas Silva, Layout Editor

So, when theorizing about a movie when there is only one trailer, so many theories can be constructed. The only way to really get an idea is to wait for the movie, or maybe another trailer. But for a mega fan, and for mega fans around the world, the only real pass time between trailer and the big screen is analyzing every detail, and trying to sluth out what will be going on once the movie -especially a Star Wars movie- hits theaters.

So, theory time. Recently, the idea was proposed that Emperor Palpatine survived, but not as a clone or himself, but as a dark side spirit. When he seemingly died after being tossed down the reactor shaft of the second Death Star, he appeared to explode into a brilliant plume of superpowered, blue flame and smoke.

It is suspected that this energy was the rage within the Emperor, and his force soul, so to speak. It has been previously shown that Sith can tether themselves to an object after death, so that their spirit can live on with the hope of resurrection. Palpatine himself even owned such objects from ancient Sith, and so it is likely that he understood the process.

What object might be liable for anchoring? Well, there was one facemask staring down the shaft that would be an ideal candidate: Darth Vader’s mask. And this leads into another theory. Who has the mask? Kylo Ren of course, the Vader wannabe. So, what if Palpatine is guiding Kylo through the mask, and that is why Kylo, when holding it, says, ‘show me the power of the darkside’. He was receiving energy, or ideas, from the mask. He thought it was from Vader, his grandfather, but he had been redeemed, and it was actually Palpatine.

Perhaps, under Palpatine’s instruction, Kylo or the Knights of Ren will perform some sort of Sith ceremony that could restore Palpatine to his physical form. From here who knows where that could go, maybe Kylo would see how he was manipulated, and defect, or perhaps Palpatine would succeed in raising and leading his new, eternal Empire.

But perhaps more likely is that Snoke was a clone of Palpatine. So, it is certainly no secret that Palpatine knew how to play the long game, setting the pieces for galactic domination in place that wouldn’t see fruition for decades. He would have realized that in going to the Death Star, and trying to convince Luke to join the dark side, there would be a risk of death. Now, Palpatine was overly confident, but he was also no fool. So, what if the clone that would be Snoke was tossed down the reactor shaft, and this energy produced the character’s signature scarring.

In this case, Snoke managed to survive, and was dispatched by Palpatine – safe aboard his flagship the Eclipse (which served as a rallying point for the ‘worthy’ Imperial Remnant)to act as the figurehead for the First Order.

This theory would not only serve to reintroduce Palpatine, but to give context and a resolution to Snoke’s sudden and unfulfilling death in The Last Jedi.