The Safest Hospitals in Massachussetts

mahkayla perrin, staff writer

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About 48 percent of hospitals in Massachusetts were awarded with an “A” rating, which puts Massachusetts in fourth place for the best healthcare in the nation. Avoidable medical errors and infections in hospitals continues to be the leading cause of death in the US. Here is a list with some hospitals across MA that have an “A” rating.


  1. Baystate Franklin Hospital

This hospital has received high marks for the last three years. They have also received high marks for their surgical practice and efforts to prevent errors.


  1. Boston Medical Center

Is rated an “A” for its high performance in adult specialties, procedures, and conditions. Its ranking had moved up from a “C” to an “A” rating in the fall of 2018.


  1. Holyoke Medical Center

Received high marks for their responsiveness of the Hospital staff. The hospital has received high marks for the past three years.