130 Devastating Tornados in the Midwest


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Lilly Fontaine, staff writer

In the past five day over 130 tornadoes have been reported in the midwest. Thirty of them were reported in Kansas and Missouri alone. These storms have brought more than just dangerous tornadoes, though, as they also brought intense 60 mph winds, penny sized hail and heavy rain.

This rain caused many floods and water damage, more than 63 homes were destroyed from the rain. More than 88 families needed to be rescued from the dangerous water. Two men that were staying at a hotel were even found dead in front of the hotel lobbies in their cars.

On Monday May 20th alone, more than 40 water rescues were performed. These devastating storm occurred in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

Many families lost their home and pets to the water and the winds and many are still being recovered and returned to the worried owners. Some homes were completely ruined past saving and the homeless shelters in the area are packed full of lost families.