Seal Found Along the Connecticut River


the seal just chilling

mahkayla perrin, staff writer

On Wednesday a man named Anthony Pieczarka was fishing with a friend in the Connecticut River. When all of the sudden Pieczarka felt something brush against his leg, and that’s when he came across a Harbor seal with a tracking device on it’s back. Tony LaCasse, who is a spokesman for the New England Aquarium, has said that the seal had been released into Charleston, Rhode Island after having to undergo surgery for an ear infection. LaCasse had also stated that the seal must have swam upstream because of the shad population. According to 22 News if you want to visit the seal, visitors, such as people using boats, should know to slow down to avoid injuring the animal, the animal will bite if you get close or if it feels threatened, and do not feed the seal food because the seal can become very ill.