New SAT Adversity Score


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SAT prep books lining the shelves at a book store.

Adela Storey

The College Board has recently been considering the idea of implementing an “adversity score” to future SAT results. This new scoring system assesses race, economic hardship, crime in the area, parent income, and average SAT test scores in the school district.

College Board claims that this criteria “shines a light on students who have demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness to overcome challenges and achieve more with less” and will overall be a benefit for students trying to get into their dream college. Students taking the SATs will not be able to see this adversity score once it is applied, only colleges receiving the scores will be able to review the scoring.

Slowly, adversity scoring is being accepted by more colleges as a free alternative to just submitting regular scores. So far, universities and colleges claim that the adversity score is helping to accept or deny the borderline students, and it also causes them to rely less on stereotypes when reviewing applications.

Although this new scoring idea could help in some aspects, there might not be a big change seen in admissions, and it is still expected to be beneficial.