Shark Sightings in Massachusetts

Autumn Harnois, Staff Writer

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As the weather is getting hotter, more and more people are beginning to go to the beach. The beach can be a very fun place, but can also be very dangerous. Last summer there was a fatal shark attack on Cape Cod for the first time since 1936. This event shocked locals and tourists because it hadn’t happened in 82 years. The chance of being bitten by a shark is statistically low. Last year, there were 88 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, with only 5 fatalities. Although these numbers are low, it is still very worrying for beach goers.

Since summer is quickly approaching, Cape Cod is wondering how they should prepare for this season. They are trying to take as many precautions as possible so someone else won’t be hurt or killed. They have put up many warning signs and have many lifeguards stationed along the many beaches. They are also warning people to not swim at dawn and dusk.

Already, there have been multiple shark sightings, and it has put many people on edge. People are worrying about when the next attack will be. Recently there was a fatal shark attack on the coast of Maui, Hawaii. Since then, people have been on the fence about going to the beach.

Many are predicting that this summer there will be more shark sightings and strong riptides, which means that the beach will be a dangerous place. But as long as you take precautions and pay attention while swimming you should be fine.