MCU Stans are Hypocrites



Abigail McCoy, Editor

In the wake of the digital release of Captain Marvel it seems that some, mainly alt-right straight men, are in an uproar over a deleted scene in the movie. Since Captain Marvel debuted in theaters it has been attacked for numerous reasons, “her character is boring”, “she’s too powerful”, “the entire movie is just air force propaganda”. Some people go far enough to attack the actress playing Carol Danvers, Brie Larson, saying, “she’s too cocky and arrogant”, “she doesn’t have a nice body”, “she needs to smile more.”  

The deleted scene in question that has gotten so much flak is Carol Danvers being harassed and her standing up for herself. It was part of the scene right before she steals the guy’s motorcycle. He asks for a smile and revs his engine, and then when she doesn’t respond he physically goes up to her and pulls down her map and asks for a smile again after offering her a ride. This is an example that every woman has to go through once even puberty is reached, asking for a smile from a random man. Danver’s redirects the situation by offering a handshake instead and introduces herself as “Vers.” The “Don”, as the man calls himself, tries to pull away but Danvers holds tighter and uses a small amount of her powers to shock him. While he’s shocked she asks for his motorcycle, jacket, and helmet, and in exchange, he gets to keep his hand. The “Don” clearly obliges all the while calling her crazy.

Many people are on a rampage stating that she is abusing her powers, and that she is a “villain.” Asking around, many girls, including myself, would 100% do the same if in her position with her powers. What girl wouldn’t take the chance to fight back in a situation like that if she had superpowers. Some people would say, “well guys would like to do that too if they were being harassed,” and the issue with that is, that men already do that. Men in this society already stand up to their “harassers” in most cases; it has been proven by so many cases that men can and will kill a woman for even saying no to them. Captain Marvel isn’t meant for the straight male comic book fans, who say that she’s too powerful and not attractive enough. In the comics, Captain Marvel has been one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel universe.

This movie is for the woman who have only seen themselves as side characters in every Marvel movie they watch. “Captain Marvel” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp” are the only two movie titles in the entire MCU that a woman is a part of the movie title. This movie is for the girls who have already been harassed and aren’t even adults yet. Captain Marvel shows that girls can be strong and independent. This movie isn’t directed towards the straight white men who only want woman side characters for a love interest or witty banter with the main character. Captain Marvel isn’t there for eye candy, she’s there to fight, and no matter what she will always get back up.