Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Review (Spoiler Free)


Photo Credit to IMDb

Pokemon Detective Pikachu promotional poster.

Nicholas Silva, Editor in Chief

In the recent years, many studios have turned to adapting beloved cartoons and video games into movies to help raise their bottom line. Some of these have turned out well, and others have turned into nightmares. It is a very easy line to cross. However, Warner Bros. pulled off a stunning hit with Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

First of all, unlike many other cartoon (technically video game) adaptations of the past, Detective Pikachu had an actual plot. In the movie, Tim Goodman has to find his father, legendary detective Harry Goodman, after an accident. With the help of a Pikachu, his dad’s Pokemon partner, he begins to uncover a sinister plot that could have grave implications for Ryme City -a place where Pokemon and humans work together as equals. Sure there were some familiar tones, especially towards the end, but most movies do have a little bit of similarity to others at one time or another, and it was still different enough not to be a major bother.

The mystery that Detective Pikachu, Tim, and an eager reporter named Lucy Stevens have to solve revolves around an unknown gas, and the man made Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon ever. Very quickly Tim finds the gas, and notices that it has unexpected results. He also finds that he can understand his father’s Pikachu, which allows for a very interesting dynamic.

There are many small Easter eggs for fans to find, and plenty of hints towards a possible sequel if the studio seeks to make a Pokemon Cinematic Universe. However, the characters, aside from Tim and Pikachu, maybe Lucy, are a little on the more basic, Phase 2 Marvel level, but that is alright and excusable as they are just side characters.

The characters are not the real MVPs of the movie, though. That honor, of course, goes to the Pokemon themselves. Almost all of them were perfectly crafted, with the perfect blend of realism and cartoon styles. While it did look a little jarring, sometimes, with Mewtwo sometimes looking like he could have stepped out of Cats vs. Dogs or another early 2000’s CG flicks, it is still alright in the face of the sheer adorableness of others. Bulbasaur, for example, looked perfect, the right blend of something fantastic, and something you might see walking down the street in some Florida suburb.

So, overall, Detective Pikachu was a very good movie. It was a good story for fans, but didn’t require any background knowledge, so even parents could find some enjoyment when seeing it with their kids. It provided excellent Pokemon designs, and a good plot, with lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears. Pokemon has certainly come a far way from Indigo League.