Top 15 Deadliest Animals in the World



Autumn Harnois, Staff Writer

Many people believe that sharks or lions kill more people than any other animals, but they are wrong. Even though these animals look scary they very rarely kill humans.

On a list of the 15 most dangerous animals sharks come in 15th with only 6 deaths per year. They are portrayed as terrible, vicious creatures through TV and films, but these creatures barely come in contact with humans, and when they do they rarely attack. Wolves are the next dangerous causing about 10 deaths per year, but people can get up close to them and pet them. The deaths occur when they are in the wild; they are protecting their territory, and will attack anything that threatens their home.

Lions fall at number 13 on the list by only causing about 22 deaths a year. That number seems high but compared to the other numbers on this list it is actually extremely low. Again humans are only afraid of these creatures because of how they are portrayed on television. Elephants and Hippopotamuses fall at 12 and 11 on the list and they both kill about 500 people per year. Crocodiles are number 10 on the list. They kill about 1,000 people every year. This animal is considered reasonably scary because it lives in freshwater in America and could attack at any time.

The animal filling the 9th spot is a little surprising since it is a parasite. Tapeworms kill an estimated 700 people every year by giving them and infection called cysticercosis. The next animal on the list is another parasite. Its’ name is Ascaris roundworm and it causes 4,500 deaths every year. It causes a disease in a human small intestine and it affects more children than adults.

In the number 7 spot is the tsetse fly. The tsetse fly transmits a disease called sleeping sickness, a parasitic infection that at first can lead to headaches, fever, joint pain, and itchiness, but later can lead to some serious neurological problems. In the number 6 spot is another bug. The assassin bug -also called the kissing bug- bites people on the face and give them the Chagas infection which is a parasitic infection. This infection causes more than 12,000 deaths a year.

The next five spots are very surprising and very unnerving. Falling at number 5 on the list is freshwater snails. Although these little creatures may seem harmless they are responsible for more than 20,000 deaths every year. The freshwater snail carries parasitic worms that infect people with a disease called schistosomiasis that can cause intense abdominal pain and blood in the stool or urine, depending on the area that’s affected. This is scary because many children love to play with the little creatures. At number 4 is man’s best friend, dogs. Although this sounds ridiculous, it is true. This is due to a virus called rabies that they can carry. Rabies can easily be transmitted to humans through a bite. They kill more than 35,000 people every year, so make sure you give them their shots.

At the number 3 spot is snakes. Although some are completely harmless, others can kill humans in 30 minutes or less.  They kill more than 100,000 people every year. Many people have Ophidiophobia -the fear of snakes. The number 2 spot is humans. This is extremely terrifying and concerning. Humans kill more of their own than almost any other organism. Humans let stupid differneces get in the way and end up killing more than 437,000 people every year.

At the number one spot is mosquitoes. They can carry viruses such as malaria and west nile. They transmit the disease by biting humans on the skin. Dengue fever, another mosquito-borne disease, has become a leading cause of hospitalization and death among children in some Asian and Latin-American countries.

There are many different animals that can kill us, but the most deadly aren’t the ones we expect.