Vaping is Ruining Student Athletes


mahkayla perrin, staff writer

Paul Spear is an athletic director at Framingham High School. Spear had heard that some of his star athletes were getting in trouble for vaping on school grounds, which resulted in the athletes getting suspended from games and competitions. School officials and pediatricians have said that they have been blindsided by the skyrocketing popularity of vaping and e-cigarette use among student athletes and children. The U.S. Surgeon General calls it a public health crisis. In 2018 a surgeon general advisory noted that one in five high school students and one in 20 middle school students vape. It has been reported that most cases are from students vaping and juuling in school bathrooms. A study has shown that student athletes or children who vape or juul have become addicted to the nicotine that the e-cigarette contains. School officials say they call the parents, refer the students to the nurse’s office and make other recommendations.