Unified Basketball Game

Unified Basketball Game

Autumn Harnois, Staff Writer

The Unified basketball team was overwhelmed with emotions at their home game when they were met by an amazing show of support from their fans who came to cheer them on. Many other sports teams from Palmer went to give their support as fellow athletes, and many teachers showed up as well. The gym was full of ecstatic energy as the Unified team prepared to take on their opponent. 

As it neared closer to game time they headed out into the lobby and the majorettes, color guard, and cheerleaders created a tunnel for them to run through; and they did with huge smiles on their faces, the excitement evident. 

The game began and the gym was filled to the brim with cheers. Both teams did an amazing job and the score was fairly close throughout the entire game, with neither team ever being ahead by more than 10 points. By halftime Palmer was only behind by a few points, and they were primed for the chance to make their comeback in the second half. 

During halftime the majorettes performed one of their football halftime routines and did an amazing job. Also, the Unified team had a contest among themselves that was composed of dribbling the ball through cones and making shots. 

All of the players played extremely hard during the second half, again keeping the score close. The crowd was cheering loudly throughout, but erupted into screams when Palmer made a shot, giving the team their full support. Although Palmer didn’t win, their spirits were still high and they were happy with their fantastic effort. By looking at the smiles on their faces you could tell that they really enjoyed playing and that they were immensely grateful for all of the support they received from the rest of the school.