Nothing Really Matters So Why Are We Lying to Ourselves?


Abigail McCoy, Staff Writer

We live on a tiny planet orbiting a rather small star, in comparison with others, that is hurtling towards the black hole at the center of our galaxy, dragging us along with it. The black hole which is four million times the mass of our sun, which is 1.989 ×10^30 kg in mass, a number that is so large that someone cannot even begin to imagine its size, especially something four million times its size. Humans are microscopic in comparison to the vastness of the universe. Nothing that humans do on earth will ever matter in the grand scheme of things; what even truly matters anymore when all that humans are doing is living out their tiny little dreams until they die. There is no concrete point to anything.

Think of it, you are a homosapien living on a lonely planet, with made-up countries and made-up governments, living in a made-up state in a made-up town doing things that will not even matter in literally any amount of time. The reason that everything is made-up is the fact that the boundaries for countries, states, and towns, do not really exist. They are something we made up so power hungry people could boast about all the land they had colonized. It doesn’t matter; our life spans are so short no one will ever see the true outcome of anything.

Yes, of course there’s the opinion of many where you should still live life to the fullest. Many people don’t want to admit that their lives are meaningless and nothing they will ever do will matter in the total scope of the universe. That being said, everyone’s lives are as important as they make it. People are important. Humans all have a special bond with each other, no matter how unnoticeable the bond seems. A sort of “Hey, we are all in this together, we need you.” Yes nothing you do will ever matter to the universe but it matters to you and the people around you. So that’s all that counts, it’s what truly matters.