Coping With Stress in High School

Students must make sure to have all necessary supplies to efficiently do their  work.

Students must make sure to have all necessary supplies to efficiently do their work.

Adela Storey, Staff Writer

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All students deal with some kind of stress during school, every day. There are many factors that could contribute to worries during school such as misunderstanding of material, assignment deadlines, home life, and issues with other students. Even though some of these stressors cannot be completely solved, there certainly are ways to relieve some of the unnecessary stress.

More often than not, teachers encourage students to stay after school or get some kind of extra help if they do not understand the material taught during class. It is common knowledge that most high schoolers are shy when it comes to help in academic courses, and most times they don’t ask questions. To solve this problem, the student needs to ask questions or stay after school in order to benefit themselves and get rid of the stress of not knowing what exactly was taught during class. It is easier to stay after and learn instead of having little knowledge on the subject.

Problems with deadlines can be easily fixed. When the assignment is given out, make a list of elements that are needed in the final product. A calendar would also be helpful to space out the assignment easily during the period before the deadline. This detailed plan helps to not feel as overwhelmed with the project as a whole, and it ensures efficiency.

School interactions and homelife are two issues that are not easily handled, but there are always teachers and guidance counselors who are happy to listen and help. An alternative is talking to a parent or even a certified professional.

High school is a pathway to the real world, and experiences are important to the future. Managing stress is a tool that is useful in all aspects of adult life; so learning and using these methods to cope with common stressors now will be a benefit in the future.