Why It’s Worth It To Stay Alive?


Abigail McCoy, Staff Writer

2018 Is the dawn of an era where people are less afraid to open up about mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, both of which can sadly lead to suicidal thoughts or actions. People who consider suicide as an option often have the feeling of there being no reason to live. And although nothing truly matters on this planet in the long run of the universe, Earth is beautiful and it is worth living on, just out of spite if need be. Spite for all those who have wronged you, to prove them wrong, out of spite. You have to stay alive for yourself, even if its just out of spite for every one around you, or to spite someone else. The Earth is beautiful though, beautiful enough for it itself to be a reason for living. To live on this beautiful planet is to love it.

Why kill yourself if you will never hear your favorite music again? What about all the new music you could never experience? If your favorite artist released a new album, you wouldn’t be able to listen to it. You can’t listen to anything if you’re six feet under.

What about your pets? There are so many examples of pets waiting for their owners near the places they died just to see if they’d come back. Even if you just owned fish they would still miss being fed by the same omnipotent person each day. Pets are only a small part of a person’s life but to the pet you are their entire life, their life would be gone if you were to die.

If you were to kill yourself you would miss all the beautiful things in life. The world is filled with so much beauty. Even the small things can be a reason to stay alive, just to witness or experience it again. For example, when it’s midnight in the middle of the winter and you look outside and see the street lights and everything feels hazy. Splashing in puddles while its pouring out is one of the purest and most exhilarating feelings. The feel of a cool breeze as you lay on the concrete or grass in the middle of the summer would be worth missing. Having a random baby in public smile and wave at you can be one of the loveliest experiences out there. Getting home from a really big and tiring trip and being able to fall asleep in your own bed for the first time in a while. Laughing so hard you start snorting because of a stupid joke you heard, or a silly inside joke.

Suicidal people often feel as if the sun will still shine and the earth will still turn, and yes it would, but the people in your life wouldn’t want any of the beautiful things to happen without you in their life. A reason for being alive doesn’t have to big or small, it just has to be worth it to you.