Aislinn’s Staff Profile
Hello, my name is Aislinn Connon and I am the editor-in-chief for Palmer High School's Paw Print. This is my fourth year writing for the school newspaper (it feels surreal knowing I've been here that long!) and throughout that time I have overseen many changes to the class.

I initially joined Paw Print my freshman year, all the way back in the fall of 2015. At that time, I was incredibly meek and didn't know the first thing about conducting an interview or constructing the layout of the paper. At the time, the class consisted only of seniors, so I was destined to be the next editor-in-chief once the others had graduated. Since then, I can truly say I've grown not only as a writer but also as someone who wants to know what's going on throughout her school, state, and country.

In my free time, I enjoy various forms of art and learning about modern history, politics, and different cultures. I would like to go to college for animation and help create films that people of all ages can take something away from.

When it comes to writing for Paw Print, I mainly prefer to write national and world news articles. My other interests include writing about history and the occasional editorial about how the world around us is run and what can be done to improve certain situations.

Aislinn Connon, Editor-in-Chief

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