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My name is Mahkayla Perrin and I’m a writer for Palmer High School's Paw Print. I have just recently joined journalism and media this school year. I am only a sophomore in high school but I plan to stay and write articles until I graduate in 2021. I initially only joined this class because I thought it would look good on a college application but now that I have met everyone and found out how this class works, I’ve decided that I wanted to stay in Paw Print because I love all the privileges that I get in the class.

Outside of the class, I love to learn about history and science. I plan on moving to California after my high school career is over. I want to attend The Southern University Of California and become a Registered Nurse.

I will mainly be writing about national news, science, and the arts. I want to interview people in Palmer including the students and teachers that attend Palmer High School.

Mahkayla perrin, Staff Writer

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