Renee Chaples
Hello! My name is Renee Chaples. I am the Curator of the Void which is our biweekly talk show. Alongside overseeing the Void, I help keep the class running smoothly and efficiently. I am in my senior year of high school and I have been in the Paw Print staff for three years.

   Paw Print has been a huge part of molding me during my earlier high school years. In the class, I met my two of my closest friends, Aislinn and Abby. Aislinn and I go way back to elementary school years, but it was not until I joined Paw Print that we grew a strong bond. I met Abby during an interview back when she was only in eighth grade. From then on, we become really close friends.

   Paw Print is not the only extracurricular activity I’m involved in. I’m also on the cheerleading squad, the majorette team, the track team, and an active member of the GSA. The majorettes is a baton twirling team that goes along with the high school band. I actually created the team back in my freshman year and it has since grown to have nearly twenty members. Right now, I am the feature twirler (soloist) and have been since my sophomore year. Alongside all the activities, I also work a part-time job at Cracker Barrel.

   My main focus this year to write articles related to local and art-related news, which are my two favorite topics. Art is a huge interest of mine and I plan to pursue an art degree after I graduate.

Renee Chaples, Editor-n-Chief

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