Abigail McCoy
Hi! I’m Abigail McCoy. I am a sophomore and Paw Print’s secretary. I joined print journalism my freshman year because I greatly enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out into the world. My dear friend, Renee Chaples (the current Editor-n-Chief for Paw Print), introduced me to this class back in 2017 when she interviewed me for the student spotlight and I joined as soon as I was able to.

I intend to go to Boston University for Astronomy as they have the second best Astronomy program in the state of Massachusetts. In my spare time I hope to continue writing and hopefully publish a book by age 30. If life happens to take me on a different path and I do not get into Boston University, my plan is to join the Air Force to become a pilot.

You will find I mainly write what interests me, space, satire, certain politics, but mostly a lot of off topic and very opinionated editorials will be published by me.

With that said I hope to be writing for Paw Print the rest of my high school career.


Abigail McCoy, Secretary

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Abigail McCoy