Claudia Tegtman
Hey, my name is Claudia and I’ve decided to make articles for better or for worse. The types of articles I make will vary but most will be light hearted and simple. I don’t like serious issues in the world so it’s most likely that articles on stale memes will be frequented unless I get heated up over a topic that I can really go off on. One of my main hobbies would have to be color guard (which we gladly accept new members!) Nothing else really major occupies my time so I really enjoy learning and practicing the routines so I have something to do. My hope is that this class will give me the opportunity to be more comfortable around people that I’m not close to because the career I’m chasing relies heavily on talking and getting along with people I don’t know. This will also give me ample time to familiarize myself with technology and different ways to use it because I can admit I’m the actual worst at figuring computer stuff out. Ideally by the end of the year i can become more practiced. Look forward to seeing cool and wacky articles from me every Friday (other than days when there is no school) and I will do my best to come up with fresh ideas.  

Claudia Tegtman, Staff Writer

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Claudia Tegtman