lilly fontaine
Hi my name is Lilly i joined paw print my freshman year I had to leave due to my scheduling.Thankfully I was able to join again and will stay till 2021.I have two and a half more years in this school.Alongside pawprint, I'm on the baton team and help teach the color guard with Autumn. I have been on the baton team for 3 years and the flag team for two. Unfortunately due to baton competition I very rarely have time to attend clubs, like GSA and the wildlife club.

I love music and writing but above all I love the medical field.i would love to major in medical at UMass or Castleton and be on their color guard team at either school. I’m definitely a book and a tv show nerd i have watched almost everything on Netflix. My most recent obsession is the CW’s Lucifer.I do lots of arts and crafts type projects. My favorite topics to write about consist of TV shows, movies and occasionally I like to write advice columns for those who need it.

lilly fontaine, staff writer

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lilly fontaine